Advanced Partner Product Training

Once you have completed the Partner Product Fundamentals training (it's baked into the Sales Accreditation Exam), these modules will give you more in-depth training with Tableau. This will be an evolving library of trainings, with new/updated material added as it's created.

Tableau Technical Sales Excellence

Tableau is disrupting the typical software sales cycle - take this training to find out how you can leverage this powerful selling method! (Total runtime: ~23 minutes)

Tableau Accreditation for Partners

Dashboard Design Best Practices Deep Dive

Are you a trusted Tableau advisor to your customer? Do you know how to create urgency to buy? Effectively designed dashboards are as crucial as Server deployment architectures when it comes to driving adoption. Learn how in this training! (Total video time: ~27 min)

Tableau Accreditation for Partners

Inside the Data Artist's Studio

Defaults got you down? Want to get creative with your dashboards? Watch an expert sales consultant create a captivating dashboard in real time! (Video runtime: 61 minutes)

Tableau Accreditation for Partners

The Tableau Server Training Series

Everything a technical sales rep or consultant would need to know to successfully sell Tableau Server. (Watch this space for more courses - we're just getting started!)

Tableau Accreditation for Partners

All About Extracts

What is a Tableau Data Extract, and how can we leverage it to deliver a fast, delightful analytic experience to our customers? Find out in this training! (Total video time: ~20 minutes)

Tableau Accreditation for Partners