Tableau Partner Product Training

AUDIENCE: All Sales & Technical Sales Roles This training will introduce you to basic skills in product use, demo, and positioning. This does NOT require advanced technical skills. All attached solution workbooks require Tableau Desktop 9.1. Each training is followed by a quiz to give you an indication of your knowledge retention. It doesn't affect your final score. Average: 4 Hours of training.

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This series must be completed within 90 days

Tableau Accreditation for Partners

Courses in Series:
Product Training Introduction (3 min)
The Tableau Great Demo (19 min)
Connecting to Data (6 min)
The Tableau Interface (5 min)
Getting Started in Visual Analytics (9 min)
Understanding Pill Types (7 min)
Reference Lines (4 min)
Groups and Sets (13 min)
Calculations (12 min)
Drill Down & Hierarchies (6 min)
Mapping (6 min)
Editing Data Connections (6 min)
Dates (4 min)
Trend Lines (4 min)
Data Blending: Working with Multiple Data Sources (7 min)
Data Preparation (10 min)
Data Server (10 min)
Getting Started with Dashboards and Stories (13 min)
Dashboard Design Best Practices (4 min)
Formatting (12 min)
Filtering (4 min)
Story Points (7 min)
Distributing and Publishing (8 min)
The End User Experience on Tableau Server and Online (7 min)
Web Authoring (3 min)
Basics of Tableau Server and Tableau Online (4 min)
Server Administrative Overview (4 min)
Authorization and Permissions (6 min)
Tableau Demo Best Practices (10 min)